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Professional assistance with submitting a Trade Mark application in Australia. We don’t provide legal services and cannot guarantee a successful registration of a right to use any particular Trade Mark. We help you understand the process. Which Trade Mark Class should you register? Trademark Classes are used to differentiate and protect your products or services. You may apply for one or more different classes depending on the type of business.

Services Offered

Our Business Consultancy Includes

Trademark consultation, search, and availability. Advice on how to apply, register and protect your business name, IP, patent or design. Also, we can assist with Copyright Registration, enforcement, and infringement. We can draft Non-disclosure statements that will legally protect your projects or trade secrets if presented to investors or proposed business partners. Non-disclosure agreements can be useful if you outsource your projects to others. Moreover, we can assist musicians, bands, artists and non-profit organizations with securing and managing their intellectual property rights.

How will you benefit?

  • We will ensure that you receive all relevant information on the legality of your intention when launching a new small business. Minimize a potential financial loss by taking a wrong turn.
  • To launch or grow your business without fearing you missed an important step, let us make a strategic plan that will be as good as an insurance policy.
  • Uncertainty can heavily impact the speed of the growth of your business.
  • We access all information through relevant Government Authorities.
  • We will assist you by obtaining information on the rights applied for in Australia.
  • Minimize the risk by appointing a knowledgeable and professional small business consultant.
  • Registering your business name through ASIC doesn’t mean that the name or a phrase in the name is not protected by someone else. Read their disclaimer carefully.
  • A Trade Mark applicant will complete their due-diligence in respect of all potential implications, legality, and legitimacy of the source of information obtained.
  • Lodging the application for a certain class of Trade Mark registration is a lengthy process that can take up to 12 months before you know the outcome.
  • Even if you are starting a micro-business, it is important to know if the intended business name has been trademarked.
  • You must take precautions to ensure that your actions comply with local laws, that you are not using an existing business name in your state, Australia wide or the World.
  • Operating and advertising under a trademarked name can have costly consequences.
  • Despite our Trade Mark search and information obtained from the local Authorities, it remains your responsibility to evaluate any such information.
  • Let’s tick all the boxes before the launch and rest assured you can start growing your brand.


Biz Uncut does not take any responsibility for potential loss or damage caused by misinterpretation of any relevant information by a client or obtaining outdated information from the relevant Authorities. We can assist you in search for existing registered Trade Marks in Australia, which doesn’t necessarily mean those particular intended business names are available. Sometimes a particular Trade Mark may show as available. However, if they are temporarily removed, lapsed or expired and no longer showing as registered on the database, it is possible that they will be reinstated at a later date. Also, it is possible that there are current or pending legal proceedings that can directly influence the status of Trade Marks in the system. Processing an application for a Trade Mark is a lengthy procedure, so even if you applied, there are no guarantees that the outcome will be in your favor.

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