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If you are interested in leveraging resources that are available online to generate more leads to your brand, contact us at your convenience. We are a small business startup Perth, affordable solution. You will benefit from a genuine and no obligation consultation. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Are you open to checking into some proven strategies for boosting your earnings? Every small business needs professional online exposure. Statistics show that 20% of top small businesses claim the 80% of market share in earnings. Also, understanding and implementing all the essential factors into your brand will eventually skyrocket the reputation of your business.

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Creating or Growing a Small Business? Affordable growth solutions for your brand are just one click away. Get professional help and outrank your competitors. Contact Biz Uncut for a complimentary consultation. Create your online identity and increase presence and visibility. Out of sight means out of mind. Applying strategic actions to grow your small business can make the world of difference. Both short and long-term business growth. Your business is just a phone call away from transformation. We service Australian businesses only, customising all of our packages to the specific needs of the client. Biz Uncut is a reputable small business startup agency. High quality, prompt and most of all, affordable services.

  • Business names availability and registration
  • Domain names availability and registration
  • Affordable, responsive Website design or redesign
  • Enhancement of your business visibility online
  • Google and all interactive media sites exposure

Our Specialties

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Creating Business name

trade mark search

logo creation

market research

busines registration


What We Can Do For You

Anything from basics to comprehensive online promotion. Launch your new business or improve the existing one. Let your small business grow. We can help you come up with a creative company name and a business logo. A memorable brand name and a catchy logo are the face of your business. Create your online identity. An adequate online presence will convey credibility and professionalism to visitors. Also, at Biz Uncut we can help you identify your Intellectual Property depending on the nature of your business. Moreover, our services include advice on protecting your idea and Intellectual Property. We will help you prepare an Intellectual Property confidentiality agreement. If you intend to obtain a patent or trademark a certain design, we can research for you and point you in the right direction. Other services include Niche research, social media setup, creating promotional videos for your business and much more.

creating business name

We can brainstorm with you and search availability on all relevant platforms. Registration and setup through all relevant authorities. Let’s get you an amazing and catchy business name

trade mark search

Protection of your unique company name, logo, slogan, idea or a design can be important. Protecting it means nobody else can use it depending on the class of Trade Mark for your services or goods.

logo creation

The easily identifiable logo can play a big role in your brand recognition. We can help you create a catchy and professional logo at an affordable cost

market research

We will research your local competitors and give you the right advice in regards to your future target market. Including but not limited to demographics and costs.

From Biz Uncut

Small Business Startup Perth

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Our business consulting involves manual analysis and research, existing business processes, its optimisation and efficiency. We give thorough consideration to defining the future position of your business in the market. An affordable yet effective promotional strategy to boost your leads and cash flow. Smart advertising action plan is an integral part of our consulting model. No trial and error philosophy. We only suggest proven methods and business models that have a high percentage of succeeding. Helping you overcome the execution hurdles and preserve your performance levels is a part of service in certain packages.


Our Points of Difference

Establish a professional online presence from as little as $399. We tailor packages for individual needs. If you are looking to get a full package for start-up businesses which includes business name creation and registration, logo and website creation and trademark search you will still pay under $2000. This top package also includes domain name registration, unique content for the homepage, an explainer video and more. Contact us for further info.

Expert advice on protecting your design, idea, innovation or product creation. We can help you identify your Intellectual Property. If you’re talking to others about your idea, use a confidentiality agreement to prevent them from disclosing it to a third party or capitalizing from it without your permission. Let us help you prepare an IP confidentiality agreement if necessary. Remember, maintain your secrecy until you have applied for registration.

A memorable brand name is the face of your business. We will help you come up with a creative company name and unique business logo. There is more than loving your intended name or slogan that you have in mind. We will give you advice based on proven techniques that giant global companies implement in their visual recognition strategy. An adequate online presence will convey credibility and professionalism to visitors.  

More Advantages

Be different from your competitors. Offer more. We will show you what your competitors do to please their clients because exceeding their level of customer service will put you ahead of them. Try a different approach that doesn’t involve price reduction. More importantly, observe the changing attitude of consumers in changing markets. Every industry fluctuates frequently. Adapt to changing seasons and learn how to adjust without loosing.

Capitalise on your positive differences. Be aware of any change that directly or indirectly impacts your industry. Never be desperate to accept discount mentality because your clients will not respond to unwanted offers if you need to make sales. Demand never depends on your need. There are many more factors that influence any period in niche and market. Let us help with your startup business. So, call us for a no-obligation complimentary consultation.

Future of your business will depend on the preparation. We will assist you with putting the system in place that ensures optimised online exposure at affordable prices. Different economic climate requires a discrete approach to obtaining and retaining a sufficient number of customers or sales. Our philosophy is not to act when it’s over-due but well in advance. Implementing proven methods of successful trading will keep you above of your competition if applied correctly.

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