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Small Business Registration in Australia

To register a small business in Australia, you must obtain an ABN (Australian Business Number) first. ABN and a Business Name have to be registered separately. All business owners in Australia have to register before commencing their new business and earning under that trading name. Even if you are a sole trader or a partnership based business the registration is mandatory. Also, for companies, corporations or limited partnership, the same rules apply.

Your Legal Business or Company Name

If you are a sole trader, what is the legal name of your business? The legal name of your business is your official (First Name and your Surname) the name of the individual who owns that business. The known name of your business is the one you are trading under, the one you registered. The legal partnerships name is the agreed name between the business partners. If the name is not specified, it’s usually last names of the partners or the initials.

A legal business name of any limited partnership or corporation is the name you registered your business.

Registering a Business without prior research

New business owners must know that registering their business and a certain business name doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not breaking the law. Yes, they may be breaking the law by unintentionally using a trading name or part of that name that is trademarked by someone else.

It could be a costly mistake. Appoint a professional who will direct you to the right sources so you can start doing what you do best. Be fully aware of compliance for small businesses after it’s been registered. You must report any changes to your company. Including but not limited to the structure of your business, address change, name change if you are a sole trader or a partnership based business.

 Running a Business, Partnership or Company

Also, business owners are accountable for any illegal activities and must be and aware of all ongoing legal obligations. Renewing and maintaining your business name is your responsibility. If your business name renewal lapses, someone else can capitalize on your hard work, register that name and trade under the same name. Update your contact details on a regular basis and make sure you know when the renewal is due. There is a certain grace period after the business name registration expires. However, after that period expires your trading name may become available for anyone to register.

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