Business Branding for Startup Businesses

Analyses of market strategies in your specific niche. 

Make your brand known

Illustration of your brand on various platforms can be life changing if implemented properly

Get your brand recognized at first glance

Brand recognition is free marketing. Businesses with a great reputation will get their phone ringing without paid advertising.


  • Brand awareness is when consumers are can recall your company visually by just coming across your logo or a name. It’s vitally important for consumer behavior, recognition can translate to trust.
  • Advertising a recognized brand is more efficient strategy of obtaining leads.
  •  Grow your brand awareness using proven methods 

Awareness, Attitude and Usage Metrics

Researchers believe that consumers’ preference is between three and seven top brands for choosing products or services. Also, the majority of consumers will go for one of the top three brands in their consideration set. Awareness, attitude and usage metrics are designed to measure brand popularity and consumers’ confidence.